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Poem: Nice Disguise


I wrote this piece to talk about how people use their status to their advantage and make false impressions. It could be that they are outwardly respectable, but force their beliefs on others behind closed doors. Although they mean well but the unfortunate part is differences set us apart and is not helpful in forming a connection like how I used a bridge as the metaphor. They could also want to take advantage of you. Besides that, there is something superficial about flattery and the poem refers to deceitful people too.

Nice Disguise

Throw some flowery words,

Wear alluring perfume, nicely groomed,

A Nice Disguise,

We're in for a surprise.

Sure, you're above me,

But gravity uncovers truth,

Your sweet apple pie that sent us flying to the roof,

Only for the benefit of your sweet insignificant tooth.

Opinions and beliefs are make believe,

They create a bridge to the shelter we imagine,

Don't tell me you're going to tiptoe on this connection,

The breaking line serve as a lesson.

People have a way of getting on my nerves,

Their made up policy to put themselves first,

I find comfort in dear nature,

You don't need to think in reverse.

© 2020 Li-Jen Hew

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