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Poem: Miss Rain With The Blue Scarf


Miss Rain With The Blue Scarf

You know it's a bright day,

When she's with her blue scarf,

But once she unwraps it,

You see the grey beneath the blue.

Untangling her scarf,

Is meddling with her mood,

She'll leave you hanging,

Although it's not rude.

Her manners are real,

As real as her tears,

She cries truthfully,

Like nothing to fear.

She's sweet sometimes,

Sad at other times,

Either way she'll pelt down,

With memories in miles.

It's not that nobody cares,

They stop and stare,

At her control over traffic flow,

Not over her tears.

She is irresponsible,

She leaves her belongings behind,

Of flood, of puddles,

How stubbornly she drizzles.

About the poem

The poem describes what happens to Miss Rain if she removes her blue scarf which helps to keep her composure. Blue, because it's the colour of the sky before the grey clouds take over and it rains. It's necessary that Miss Rain wears a scarf because she's rain and the rain is cold. A few things to clarify are as follows:

"She'll leave you hanging" means that before it rains, you'll still see the blue sky but grey clouds at the same time. The scarf is actually grey underneath the blue. It's as if the rain can't make up her mind whether to rain. It's not her fault that it rains because "she cries truthfully". Rain is a natural phenomenon.

© 2019 Li-Jen Hew

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