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Poem: Mercy

My name is Candice Ballinger and I am a Christian woman who loves Jesus and his word.


From dusk till dawn

I wait for my father,

oh Lord;

have mercy on me,

I'm drowning in my sorrows

oh God, you are all-powerful and righteous,

your eyes guard my soul;

your wings keep me hidden

my head is held high,

and my enemies are beneath me

don’t put me with the ones that speak

kind words with evil in their hearts,

oh my Lord,

have mercy on me

he has listened and hears my cries;

his mercy fills me with joy

I put my trust in my God

I will follow you always.


I have been burdened with heavy darkness,

washed up and broken down

my sin destroying mind and body,

weighing me down in deep waters;

gasping for air to breath

my eyes becoming lost in the sea

ask and you shall receive,

I call out to thee

I confess my sin;

great and small,

and my Lord has forgiven me

every season your hand of discipline

wrapped tightly around me,

my strength appeared like lightning;

thunder echoing in my ears

muffling my cries for mercy,

but my Lord is faithful

and his blood cleanses me;

my sins are forever forgiven

my eyes can finally see

my sin no longer breaking me,

but I am lifted up

and freedom begins,

there is life-giving water inside of me.

© 2022 Candice Ballinger

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