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Poem: Memories of Childhood Still So Fresh in My Mind

I love poetry. I am a voracious reader and am passionate about writing. I have recently started my foray into poetry.



This Week's Word Prompt-Childhood

This week Brenda gave us the word prompt ‘Childhood’. When I saw the word, I remembered my childhood which I feel is the best phase in my life. Some of the experiences of childhood are common for all children mostly. Like, for every child this is a phase of learning. Everything is new and they ask a lot of questions. They are happy for no reason and giggle often which is so endearing. They are in a hurry to grow up and learn things fast. They love their friends as much as their parents and sibling. They are very imaginative and like to play. They love their grandparents and their stories.

Childhood memories are important as they frame children’s character as they grow up. Which is the reason why we must ensure that children have good childhood experiences. Research shows that children who grow up in a positive, nurturing, caring atmosphere are healthier, happier and more successful.



Memory is the diary we all carry about with us

— Oscar Wilde

Poem Summary

Memories of Childhood is a poem about memories of her childhood days that come flooding to her mind. She feels nostalgic of those days when she was so free, not bogged down by worldly responsibilities. She wants to go back and recreate those days. Days filled with laughter and play. The scorching sun or heavy rains did not matter. Everything was like magic. Her most precious memories are of vacations spent with Grandma, who would feed the children with delicious cookies and tell interesting stories. She loved the days that were spent playing with friends and evenings by the fireplace listening to stories or singing. She remembers those times vividly and feels they were the best days of her life.




Memories of childhood

Are still fresh in my mind.

I wish I could go back

And be a child again.

Away from this life so full of gloom

Go back in time and be a child again

And enjoy Grandma’s tales

Of angels and ogres.

How can I forget those days

When nights were short

And days were long and

There was magic everywhere.

Those days spent Building castles in the sand

And sailing paper boats when it rained

Running in the fields trying to catch butterflies,

Memorable, beautiful days where did they go.

Great days were they

Those days of childhood.

Without a worry in the world

Feeling free as a bird.

Lying on flower beds

Singing songs of love

Enjoying the sun

Shining in all his glory.

I cannot forget ever

Those days of childhood

Playing hide and seek

And fighting over dolls.

Flying kites on rooftops

And falling from swings

With never ending frolic

And fun so innocent so pure.

Little joys and those little sorrows

Life was made of Dreams

No worldly worries and concerns

To mar the beautiful scene.

Memories flood my mind

Of those beautiful childhood days

I wish I could go back

And be a child again.



VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 21, 2021:

Hi Brenda, I agree with you. What with parents busy with their careers and their lives, the children have to care for themselves. We had great parents too who gave us a good childhood. We tried to do the same for our children and did our best to give them everything. I hope they have good childhood memories too. Have a great weekend. Thanks.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 21, 2021:


I see so many children today who don't get to enjoy their childhood.

They are to busy being adults, taking care of themselves.

It is sad. I am thankful I had wonderful parents who gave me a great childhood.

VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 21, 2021:

Thanks Peggy for the kind comments. Much appreciated. I am happy that you enjoyed the poem. We were lucky to be blessed with a happy childhood. Every child deserve s to have a happy childhood. True we carry those memories like a diary. Have a great weekend. Stay blessed.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 21, 2021:

I enjoyed your poetry about your childhood days. For me, those memories are also great ones. I loved that quote about carrying childhood memories like a diary in our minds.

VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 21, 2021:

Thanks Lorna. I agree with you. Nit all children are blessed with a memorable childhood. I feel very bad when these innocent souls have to suffer due to circumstances. All children deserve a good childhood. It is what shapes their character. Those days, when we were children were simple. We had good childhoods. Wish the same for our children and grandchildren too. Have a great weekend. Stay blessed.

VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 21, 2021:

Thanks Amara. True we feel like it was only yesterday we so children without a worry in the world. We how up so fast. Have a pleasant day. Stay blessed.

VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 21, 2021:

Thanks Rozlin. Childhood memories are made up of all these. We can never forget those fun filled days. I am glad you liked my poem. Have a great day.

Rozlin from UAE on May 21, 2021:

Hi, Vidya. I love reading your poem on word prompt childhood. Words in your poem paper boats, kites, dolls,

Amara from Pakistan on May 21, 2021:

Vidya G, I enjoyed reading your poem.. I also feels, like it was yesterday, and today I am grown up..

Thanks for sharing it..

Stay blessed always..

Lorna Lamon on May 21, 2021:

A beautiful poem Vidya and I believe every child deserves a happy childhood, however, sadly this is not always the case. My memories of childhood are the dreams I never want to wake up from. A great response to the prompt and I love the quotes. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 20, 2021:

Thanks Brenda for the encouraging comments. I am so glad you liked my response to this week's word prompt. I agree our times were simple. Children today face so much stress and uncertainty. Many even face psychological issues at a young age. It is really so sad to see them like this. I have seen many parents struggling in bringing up their children the right way. When all they need is a positive cheerful atmosphere to grow. They learn by observing things around them, with their natural curiosity they search for answers. They should be allowed to seek their path, with only guidance and protection from the parents. Have a nice day and a great weekend, stay blessed.

VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 20, 2021:

Hi Chitrangada, thanks for the visit and nice comments. Much appreciated. I am so glad you liked it. I agree with you. Childhood memories are stress relievers. True, Life was so simple when we were children. We used to be happy always. Today children face a more complicated world and it is sad to see children deprived of simple pleasures like playing outdoors, in parks, going to beaches and on vacations. Have a great day, stay blessed.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on May 20, 2021:

Beautifully expressed poem, and a wonderful response to the word prompt, Childhood!

This is absolutely relatable to me, and I loved reading this!

Childhood memories are a great stress reliever for me, and I often remember everything with a constant smile on my face! Life was so simple and it was so easy to be happy!

Thank you for sharing this!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 20, 2021:


I agree with you that childhood memories can frame the child's character as he grows up.

The quote by Agatha is so true...

Luckiest thing is a happy childhood.

Your poem captures how I think we all feel at times.

Childhood seemed so simple.

The nights were short, the days were long, and there was magic everywhere.

That is about how it feels to be a child.

I often think about going back in time...it was so simple being a child.

Or at least for me.

You did a wonderful job on recalling these memories.

I will post a link in the article.

VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 20, 2021:

Thanks Pamela. Much appreciated. I was looking forward to your response Pamela. I am sure you will come up with something amazing. All your responses till now have been great. All the best. Have a great day and week. Stay blessed.

VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 20, 2021:

Thanks John. Much appreciated. I am so glad you liked it. The joys of Childhood stay with us for ever. Have a great day and stay blessed.

VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 20, 2021:

Thanks Wilma. We are lucky that we had a safe and carefree childhood.Now we have to make sure our children and grandchildren also make good childhood memories. They last a lifetime and mould their character.

VIDYA D SAGAR (author) on May 20, 2021:

Thanks Misbah. We can't go back there now but we can relive those beautiful moments and feel happy. We are lucky to have those memories. Stay blessed.

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Poets on May 20, 2021:

What a joyful read, Vidya. I love your beautiful response to Brenda's Prompt. Childhood is the best stage of life. I wish I can get back there... Lol! Not possible but we can wish ;)

Blessings and Love

Wilma Henry from Kentucky on May 20, 2021:

I enjoyed reading your response, it evokes feelings of being carefree and safe from any harm as a child.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on May 20, 2021:

Vidya. This is a beautiful poem capturing the special joys of childhood. A wonderful response to Brenda’s prompt.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on May 20, 2021:

I think this is a great response to Brenda's prompt, Vidya. I have been working on a response, but I felt this was a more difficult prompt. I think you captured childhood very well, and I enjoyed reading your poem.

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