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Poem: Memories & Thoughts Reflecting from the Mirror

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

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"Memories & Thoughts Reflecting From A Mirror" is an article in response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity / Week 19 ~ by Brenda Arledge. "

On this week's word prompt, "mirror", I have created 3 pieces of poetry.

"Mirror of Regret"

"The Looking Glass" ( an acrostic poem)

"Mirror of Values"

All of these poems use a reflection seen in a mirror.

"Parker McCollum ~ Pretty Heart"


Mirror of Regret

He catches his reflection

in the eyes of his latest fling,

he sees a man with a sad heart,

whose not proud of the casual games

that hold him prisoner.

He hates shattering the one

who loves him unconditionally,

murdering her heart beyond repair,

to feed his self-centered ego.

He knows it’s just a matter of time

until he sees her sorrowful image

standing in front of the mirror,

crying her eyes out.

Each time he promises

there’s no one else,

each time it rears it’s ugly head

tossing him into the throes of another woman,

breaking her into a million tiny pieces.

He’s too ashamed to ask for help,

convincing his tormented mind

this is his destiny,

sacrificing any hope for a lasting relationship

with the one he truly loves.

Don't do something today, you know you will regret tomorrow, think before you act.

— Rashida Rowe

"The Rebel Roads ~ First To Know"


The Looking Glass ~ an Acrostic Poem

May the looking glass

Inside your heart

Radiate a lifetime of rainbows

Reflecting precious memories

Of a romantic love

Remaining until the end of days.

Live for moments you can't put into words.

— Unknown

"Thank You For Being My Dad ~ by Jon Barker"


Mirror of Values

He catches a glimpse of his reflection

in the rearview mirror

as he slowly drives away from his family home.

He recalls his days as a young lad,

delivering newspapers in the wee hours of the morning

with his dad struggling to help him

before a long day’s work.

He wonders if he knows

how he thinks of him each day,

carrying his memory deep within his soul.

He hopes his father is proud

of the man he has become,

knowing he owes it all to him

for instilling those hard core values

when he was young.

Values are like fingerprints.

Nobodies are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.

— Elvis Presley

"Montgomery Gentry ~ Something To Be Proud Of"


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