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Poem: Magic Writing

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.


Word Prompt = Fairy

I'm not sure what I was thinking this week when I decided on the weekly word prompt.

This prompt on "Fairy" is a bit challenging to say the least.

I am amazed at all the writing that is being created. We definitely have magic.

I finally got mine done. I hope you enjoy it.

Poem Summary

Magic writing is a poem about writer's block. She goes to sleep praying for this lack of inspiration to go away. She wakes up in a magic forest where a Fairy sprinkles pixie dust. A poem magically appears in the sky but then she wakes up disappointed, realizing it was a dream. Or was it?

"Imaginative Writing: Writing a Fairy Tale by Andie Worsley"


Magic Writing

Stuck in a mind frame of yesterday

nothing concrete to scribble with my pen

I turn the light out and crawl beneath the covers.

I pray for this lack of inspiration to disappear

letting my fingers jot down the perfect ink

then I drift off fast to sleep

I wake up in a magic forest where a tiny bluebird calls my name

while I sit on a giant mushroom watching pink and purple butterflies

when a woman, no bigger than the palm of my hand with flowing brown hair, lands on my shoulder

with her soft, whispery, velvet like wings, the colors of a rainbow that glitter like gold.

Quick as a flash, this tiny fairy sprinkles pixie dust

then with just the touch of her hand to the starry night sky

elegant, descriptive phrases magically appear,

as I sit in a daze, reading the most beautiful poem I have ever read.

Suddenly I feel my legs stir,

shaking my head, I sit up in my own bed realizing it was a dream

I reach for a bottle of water from the night stand

when my eyes see a piece of paper with scribbles.

Imagine my surprise!

It’s the poem written in the sky,

penned in my name.


"Hip Hop Fairytales - Children's Sing-along Song by Jon Brooks Music"



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