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Poem: Magic Carpet Stays The Same

Magic carpet

Magic carpet

This poem was inspired by the magic carpet from "Aladdin", the film, and situations when we're asked personal questions. Some questions can be friendly but some break our trust, symbolized by "noise" in this poem. "Magic" represents self-worth.

I imagine the "noise" being a vacuum cleaner that wants to clean the magic dust off a magic carpet. I wanted to show that we are like a magic carpet. Although we may feel that we have lost some magic dust when some "noise" gets in our way, this isn't true because dust can accumulate again, just as how confidence can grow stronger.

Poem: Magic Carpet Stays The Same

Sweep me off my feet,

Save me from nibbling noise,

Noise that wants to steal some magic,

Noise that wants to search through fabric.

The volume gradually increases,

Magic carpet uncomfortably creases,

Magic dust hanging to its life,

Magic still alive.

But magic dust don't wear off,

They build up day by day,

No magic is lost,

Magic carpet stays the same,

© 2020 Li-Jen Hew