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Poem: Madness Strikes the World

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Madness strikes the world is a poem about how it affects us. We can't turn on the television without seeing violence. There is no place safe. Shootings happen at local malls or diners, at places we do our normal routines. We join together in prayer, but many carry concealed weapons to feel safe.

"Bastille - World Gone Mad ( from Bright: The Album) Official Video"


Madness Strikes the World

In each corner of the world

people come out of the woodwork

creating havoc like a madman.

The television displaying violence and corruption

with no safe harbor,

as innocent people become trapped in harm’s way.

No sight in end

as sheer insanity reaches our own backyards,

with simple daily activities

becoming a place of tragedy.

Virtual hands link together across the universe,

praying in different languages

hoping to find an end to this madness.

As Humanity loses its fight,

we walk in fear

carrying concealed weapons for protection.

"Heal The World" by Michael Jackson

The Inspiration Behind This Poem

Madness strikes the world is a poem which I wrote for the word prompt "Madness".

This week the word Madness touched our little town when a person riding a bicycle was shot 5 times. The shots were fired from inside a house.

The reason for this crime has not come to light as of yet, but there are many innocent people and children who are outside walking, playing, and enjoying life on these beautiful days.

It is awful that we need to fear being in harm's way doing simple activities.

Also there has been two different reports of shots fired inside a Mall located about an hour away in the last 2 weeks. The suspects have not been apprehended and so far no one has been seriously injured, but it's only a matter of time.


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Madness strikes the world is a poem which I wrote for the word prompt "Madness".

This challenge is a series where each week I provide a new word to give our creativity a jump start.

I try to list everyone's work in the article each week, so if you want to catch up with reading them you can find them beneath my profile.

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