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Poem: MOM

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Waking up in the morning

I think of all the chores, all the cooking

Moaning in complaint but nevertheless stretching.

Snapping the sleep away and my spirit dampening

With gloomy face I walk in a daze

Into the kitchen for breaking the fast.

When I feel I have to cook a dish

for me, my husband and a kid so small.

Frown appears on my face tired

I splash water to focus at the task.

The thoughts drifting to my mom at far,

The day has begun for me and about to roll

I wish that my mom would have been staying here with us all.

An excellent cook and adviser beyond par

A spirit with, kick ass, indomitable power.

A woman who bestowed values pure

The woman who taught me to be me and to have no fear.

She still commands the ship so strong

with my dad, brother and his wife so warm.

The sailing is strong into the sea of life.

Her never say die attitude steers clear the ship from all spots tight.

It was not always the rosy with me and my mom all th

She never pacified when I used to fall as a child

I used to wonder all this time why?

With face so strong and making me learn at the same site.

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