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Poem: Lucky Star

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Lucky star is about a couple who wished upon the same star. She knows she wished on a lucky star when she sees him. He feels the same way when he reveals he wished on a star and his dreams are coming true. She realizes they both wished on the first star in the sky on the same wonderful night.

"I Wished For You" by Lynn M. Neuman.


Lucky Star

When she sees him

she knows she made her wish

upon a lucky star,

her heart melts in the warmth

of his eyes,

in the sound of his voice,

in the loving feeling of his touch.

Others say it’s infatuation

but she knows he is the one,

her soul-mate, the one she has waited on for so long,

as she jumps in wholeheartedly

for she has suffered too many heartaches

to let this feeling slip away.

She freely gives herself,

fighting strong to keep

the passion burning.

She sees affection lurking in his eyes

as he speaks words of love,

feeling strong emotion in each tender kiss,

holding her close with heated desire.

He tells her of a special night

when he made a wish upon a star

and now his dreams are coming true.

Suddenly she realizes they both made a wish

on the same lucky star

that first star in the sky

on the same wonderful night.

"Whe You Wish Upon A Star" by Lexi Walker


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