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Poem: Lucky Black Cat

I have been known as "The Cat Lady" throughout the years. I have taken care of many cats, both feral and domestic. I love black cats.

"Black Cat Magic" by Brookie


Approaching this Halloween night,
being new to the neighborhood
my thoughts ponder what theme
if any, I should display
but a costume and mask
will surely protect me from any ghosts
lingering in the midst.

Since I don’t want bad luck
keeping the spirit’s away
is at the top of my list,
so maybe my costume
will be a black cat
since many cultures believe
they bring good fortune.

Like in Scotland one on your doorstep
brings prosperity,
in Japan a black cat figurine
frightens evil, demons, and stalkers,
in the theater world
if a black cat wonders inside
your play will run long and be prosperous,
in the south of France
they are believed to be “money" or “magician" cats.

So this year I will forgo the bad superstitions
of the black cat
trusting in her good fortune,
for one look into a her eyes
will melt your heart with compassion.

"Top 10 Black Cat Facts" by Cole and Marmalade

"Star" a kitty who once owned me



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