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Poem: Love With A Narcissist

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

"The Road I'm On" by 3 Doors Down

Poem Summary

"Love With a Narcissist" is a poem describeing how a narcissist acts while in a relationship.

In the beginning he works quickly, confessing his love, planning your future together.

Then without warning he shatters your heart when you least expect it.


"Love With a Narcissist"

She listens as he plans
each moment of their life
like they will be together for eternity,
hugging her close, speaking passionate words of love
each day before he leaves for work,
even on the very day
he decides their time is over.

Her memories replay his words during their first week,
“I Love You!
I know it’s too soon
for you to say it back,
but that’s okay.”

Then he exclaimed,
“I'm happy I finally found you.
I've been searching for such a long time.”

He showers her with attention,
sends her messages,
surprises her with gifts,
takes her on vacation almost immediately
trying to convince her of his love.

She remembers him saying,
“You're good for me.
I love you more than you will ever know.”

As their last days approach
his love grows stronger,
closer than ever before,
when suddenly, for no apparent reason
he detonates a bomb,
shattering their love
as quickly as it began.


The TRUTH always comes out in the end, no matter how hard someone tries to hide it.

Lies are just a temporary delay to the inevitable.


"Broken" by Lindsey Haun