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Poem: Love Reignites


Love Reignites

Rather than ending what I started,

An ending with a beginning is what I want,

Time does not permit,

But this does not signal our love to quit.

Once the unheard was heard,

Stored memory of the ears,

The consequences became clear,

Time with you from hours to minutes.

I burrowed to escape and see you,

As if there's no tomorrow,

A failed attempt to make your tangibleness last,

With my long grasping hug.

I don't want to hide in the shadows,

Hoping it would save our love,

We have to rise above,

And open the windows.

I know it is hard,

Especially with boundaries and bias,

I want to leave history behind,

And not become a liar.

Every day I visualise,

The day we are face to face,

We still have lots to settle and chase,

Before we close the space.

The flame reignites,

After blows of wind,

Just keep holding on,

To strengthen the bond.

© 2018 Li-Jen Hew

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