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Poem: Living Real

My name is Candice Ballinger, and I am a published author and poet.


Living Real

I am alive it seems,

living it all the time

even left inside my dreams,

breathing in dust

and exhaling particles,

I am a river

streaming with life

I am free;

free to be me

how do I sing to thee?

a cappella will do

oh how I love the sound

my voice is a symphony,

I am to believe in me

I am not pejorative you see,

I am nimiety as all hell

bursting from the seams,

my future is bright

this I previse;

My abilities to see are forever

trust in my power

I am more than welcome,

are you even clever?

I am marked with orotund

my life is a fiction

and I am the writer

my bravery is well known,

come walk with me

and join me on my endeaver.