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Poem: Little Sally's Christmas Wish

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

"Little Sally's Christmas Wish" is a poem about a little girl who takes care of herself because her mother is ill.

She writes a letter to Santa asking for one wish. Her mother to be well for one day ~ Jesus's Birthday.

"Santa Already Making Wishes Come True ~ by CBS Miami"


Little Sally's Christmas Wish

In a state of confusion
with a tear in her eye,
little Sally tries to find a diversion
when her friends boast about presents
beneath their Christmas tree
while the one in her home stands bare.

Her tiny fingers work hard
washing clothes out by hand
dreaming of a washer that spins,
cleaning a layer of dust from the furniture,
using a soaking wet mop on hard wooden floors.

Grabbing potatoes from the bin
she prepares a simple feast for two
knowing her mother is too ill
to help once again.

Before hopping into bed
she pens a letter to old Saint Nick
“I promise not to complain
about wearing hand-me-downs
or helping around the house
if you use your magic
to make my momma well enough
to get out of bed once again.

Please give momma my Christmas wishes
so she can have one more good day,
for Christmas morning is the perfect time,
it’s Jesus’s birthday.

When the glare of the morning sunrise wakes her
she hears a hissing & popping sound
coming from the kitchen
sensing a familiar aroma.

Jumping to her feet,
she hurriedly traipses to the cooking area
where she discovers her mother cooking breakfast
like she’d done so many years before.

As she stands in total shock
with tears streaming down her face,
she hears a tap at the front door,
drawing her attention to a giant, red velvet bag
sitting on their front porch.

When she steps outside
she reads a note dangling from a white ribbon.
“Little Sally
Your words broke my heart
into a million pieces.

No little girl should ever feel this alone
on Christmas day
so I’ve granted your Christmas wish.

I hope this one day gives you comfort
and for the other three hundred sixty-four,
maybe this will lessen your chores.
Merry Christmas!

Tears stream down Little Sally's cheeks
as she pulls off the red velvet bag,
revealing a big, white machine
that spins clothes clean,
no more hand washing.


May all your Christmas wishes come true.

Merry Christmas!


"May All Your Christmas Wishes Come True ~ RcJ2"


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