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Poem: Life & The Season's We Live

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

I thought this one was going to be difficult for me to write, but surprisingly my muse woke up a bit earlier.

I hope you enjoy these ones.

Like when I realized I am only here for a season and how each season has a plan for us.

Then how our destiny is written in the clouds and an older poem about how we must accept the season of change.

"The Seasons of Life by Eddie Pinero"


Here For A Season

I’m only here for a season.
I can see it in the air and in the sky
I see it in the way life changes every day, each and every moment.
everything is metamorphosing into something new an beautiful.

I know when i leave this world,
I’ll be going to another season,
to a new place to have new adventure;
I am not afraid
for God has me in his hands.


Season's Strife

I often wonder why
there are so many different seasons,
are they there to teach us lessons
as we go about our lives.

To teach us to feel the beauty of Spring,
enjoying a fresh new blooms
enduring the hardship of summer
with the hurricanes and strife.

Only to calm us in the Autumn
with a stroll down memory lane,
before we endure the suffering
of a cold Winters wrath.

Just to bring us back
to the blossoms of the Spring,
giving us hope to keep us going
when we think we’ve met the end.


Destiny Written in the Clouds

Tis the season to have a new adventure
reaching out for your desires
making your dreams come true.

A season for you is written in the clouds
a time of destiny
that can never go back.

No one can erase the memories
unfolding like a river on your mind
for those are yours alone
to keep until the end of time .

But you must move forward
to a new place and time
making a new season
where you can survive.


Accepting The Seasons

The poem below is one I had previously written. I hope you enjoy it also.

"Accepting the Seasons of Life" is about one with a broken heart.

He realizes he must accept this fate and stand strong.

No matter how many teardrops fall he must move forward.

Just like the seasons he must recognize the changes and embrace them.

Letting his heart feel the pain so he can

If we had no Winter,

the Spring

would not be pleasant.

— Anne Bradstreet

"Season" by Hillside Worship