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Poem: Let Me Fly

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I can draw my toughts in word .I can write poems in three different languages

Sky is beautiful


Let Me Fly

I live in a heartless world

Where people use others for their advantage

I want to live in the sky

let me fly

I am wandering on earth in search of my dreams,

But I can found nothing here

cause my dreams are so high

let me fly

I try to make people happy

yet people hurt me

I want to ask God why

Let me fly

Someone has stolen away my happiness

I can't find my happiness

I want to search it in the sky

let me fly I

I can't find any friends on earth

I want to make some in heaven

for once I want to try

let me fly

I am a friendly girl

I wish people smile

but they make me cry

let me fly

I will build a nice house there

And will spend one day at star one on the moon

so, all of you I came here to say goodbye

let me fly

And if someone tried to tease me

So, I'll give them a big kick

and will drop them from the sky

let me fly

A heartless world


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