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Poem: Learning to Live Together

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

"Learning to Live Together" is a poem about two people moving in together and learning to share a home. They must face compromises.

Everything from what to watch on television to sleeping in the same bed is dlifferent.

As they cross each stepping stone they learn to appreciate one another and look forward to sharing more passion each day.

"Living Together by Fire and Rain"


Learning to Live Together

Boxes piled high,
extra clothes shrinking
space in his closet,
hairbrush adorning the sink,
covers pulled off in his sleep,
Life is not the same.

No more simple microwave meals,
extra laundry to be washed,
compromises on television shows,
sounds of snoring in the bed,
Life seems peculiar to her too.

Savoring each moment,
tender kisses on her forehead,
his strong hands reach for hers,
driving her crazy with his ways,
She would not change a thing.

Ears listening attentively to her words,
loving hugs appreciating her value,
learning her temperament,
thoughtfully respecting her inner fears,
Happily she remains.

Respecting his honor,
appreciating his daily sacrifices,
spoiling him with kindness
in excess, of any one before,
She is there for him.

Stepping stones to cross
closeness or division,
both longing with anticipation
more passion than the day before,
Learning to live together.


A perfect couple shares their failures, mistakes and successes equally and deal with them as a team.

— Ricardo Derose

"Living Together " by Sarah Colonna


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