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Poem - Jaded & Jilted

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Poem - Jaded & Jilted

Poem – Jaded and Jilted

Jaded and jilted.

A blooming flower

now wilted.

He left her

all alone and lonely

because he can’t

stand her.

He came up

with so

many things to say

about why

he feels that way.

A pink red ripe

beating heart

full of love

and loving openly

has become

blackened with

negative energy

that it can not

seem to block.

Is your own faith in humanity lost?

Are cold hearted people around you

blowing out frost?

Does extending love to another

come at a great cost?

Why is loving each other so hard?

Sometimes, it seems like

almost everyone is retreating

and focusing on just

loving themselves instead.

That is so messed up!

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH