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Poem: Is My Spirit Looking Upon Me?

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

"5 Signs Your Spirit Guides are Trying To Contact You" by Victor Oddo


"Is My Spirit Looking Upon Me"

In the lavatory
doubled over in pain
relief not forthcoming,
Sharp crushing pains
extending upward,
this awful feeling
in my chest.

Mind overthinking,
fearlessly attempting
to walk,
moaning in despair,
grasping my head
leaning against the couch
in a worried voice I hear him
fervently ask, “What is wrong, Hon?”

Unable to utter a word,
I stumble to walk
to the edge of the loveseat
with a twinge in my head,
feeling wavy inside,
now more determined than ever
making way to the bedroom.

The next moment my eyes
see myself motionless on the kitchen floor,
lying flat on my back.
How could this be?
Is my spirit looking upon me?
Instantaneously I feel a hand on my arm,
a tender loving voice in my ear
“Come on, Hon. Let me help you up.”

With his strong, helping hands,
concerned love in his voice,
he gently walks me to our bed
where I calmly rest
understanding his words,
He is always here for me.

"Here For You" by Firehouse