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Poem-In Praise of the Virtue of Patience-Response to Brenda Arledge’s Word Prompt Week 44 ‘patience’

I love poetry. I am a lifestyle enthusiast and like to write articles and poems on lifestyle changes that benefit people.

Patience and silence are powerful energies

Patience and silence are powerful energies

Word Prompts Helps Creativity-Week 44 by Brenda Arledge-Patience

This week our dear friend and poet Brenda gave us the word prompt ‘Patience’. It reminded me how quickly we get irritated nowadays often over things like traffic jams, delays in service at restaurants and billing at malls, baby crying etc. Compared to the patience levels of our mothers and grandmothers, ours is very low. Those times when we were growing up were difficult times. The older generation put up with so many difficulties. They did not have the facilities and comforts that we enjoy today. But they did so well, be it fighting against all odds, bringing up children with good education and good values. They had the valuable quality called patience with which they achieved success. So I decided to write a poem on the virtues of patience.

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting

— Joyce Meyer

Definition of Patience

Let us first understand the definition of Patience. It can be defined as the ability to accept delay, problems or discomfort without getting angry or upset. It is the ability to wait calmly without getting stressed or anxious. For example, we have booked a taxi and have to reach some place urgently, but the taxi is taking forever to reach. And when we have to wait in a long line at the billing counter at a grocery store, or when the internet is slow and we need to send an urgent official email. Naturally we get stressed and angry when things do not go as we expect. This is the time when the virtue of patience comes to play. A person who has patience will take things calmly and not get upset or angry. He knows that impatience only makes the wait seem longer and complicate the situation. Patience does not come naturally. But it can be practiced.



Patience is Necessary

We come across many such instances in everyday life. Traffic jams are the most common test of patience. Living in crowded big cities is a bane in itself. Commuting to and from work is a nightmare during peak hours. I have experienced this a lot during the commute to my office on my scooter. My solution was to play my favorite song in my mind over and over again. I have experienced the most difficult test to my patience at hospitals when I have taken my mother for a doctor's consult. It is almost always a long wait. At such times I remind myself that the doctor must be busy attending to a more urgent case. He is probably saving someone’s life. At the same time, I feel sorry for my aged mother who has to wait so much to see the doctor.

Patience is a form of wisdom. It shows that we understand and accept the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time.

— Jon Kabat-Zinn

Healthcare Professionals Need Patience the Most

We can imagine the plight of healthcare personnel who have to exercise patience on a daily basis, when they are subjected to the stress and stain related to their profession. On the one hand they have to deal with sick and irate patients, worried families, and follow the protocol and safety issues on the other. A lot of perseverance and service moto is needed in this profession. The virtue of patience is especially important in the healthcare profession. The past two years have been a lesson in patience for the medical fraternity. It has been a period of unprecedented challenges and risks due to the covid pandemic to doctors, nurses and other members of the medical field. They continue to strive and work to save and heal people. They are the heroes and need to be respected and honored for their patience and selfless service.

Patience in Parenthood

Another area where a lot of patience is needed is parenthood. Today parents have to juggle with so many responsibilities. Along with office work, they have to take care of household chores, children’s education, health and care of aged parents who live with them. It is a constant test of patience. In such a situation when children turn difficult and throw tantrums or refuse to obey, parents tend to get angry and chide or punish them. But this could have a lasting impact on their sensitive minds and psyches. Restraint and a lot of patience is required at such times.

Importance of Patience

Patience is important in life because it makes us better people and we can be more productive and successful. By practicing the art of patience, we can build perseverance, be more empathetic, kinder, have lasting and meaningful relationships, achieve goals, develop a positive attitude to life and more importantly safeguard our physical and mental health. Being impatient, stressed or anxious invariably affects our health and wellbeing. While pursuing our ambitions and goals in life, we often have to face many hurdles and trying situations. We can hope to achieve success only when we strive to overcome these challenges with patience and effort.

So my poem is in praise of this important virtue of patience which is required to achieve success in life.

Poem-In Praise of the Virtue of Patience

Patience is needed for success

But it is not easy to possess

It is a hard road to travel

But it is one that is worthwhile.

Patience is required to master any art

With continuous effort and zeal

To transform talent into achievement and

Overcome roadblocks and achieve your dreams.

Patience helps you develop skill

Make rational choices

And focus on your long-term goals

So make patience a habit

It helps you succeed in life.

Patience helps you build empathy

And accept people as they are

It makes you more accepting

And makes relationships strong.

Patience helps you cultivate positive thoughts

Which makes your physical health better

Stress makes you all coiled up inside

But taking things slow helps better mental health.

Patience is hard when waiting seems never-ending

It is no fun when we have your own time scheduled

You want things to get done fast, you want to get it soon

Anger and stress can ruin health, so do some deep breathing.

Patience is a way to practice kindness and build persistence

It will make you perfect at what you do, people will love you more

It is a good way to practice faith, it gives you peace of mind

It improves your physical and mental health,

And keeps you happy all the time.