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Poems: In Confused Thoughts



Flaming despair ravening

ample thoughts in my head,

guided in the inflamed desire

to get rid of my burning rising desires.


Toiled hard in my feeling mind

battered out of emptiness syndrome,

poisoned away with my emerging thoughts

seeing me through life deadly spoils.


Glancing out in meadow spring.

basking out in the summer sun

wrinkling out in the daylight burn

finding thoughts twisted like a coiled string.


Shield me from these dooms and loss,

free me to these flowers bloom

and from temptation's force

when crying out loud in an unreceding noise.


Hear me out my thought from a cause

that brings ny spirit doomful wrath,

when hoping for life-giving source

provide me, a recipient with a feeling warm.

© 2020 Fasan sola Joseph

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