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Poem III

Let go of your past, the present is your opportunity to flourish daring.

The Lie

Had I known

The moon would be the last of you

I would have opened my eyes to the stars

Reassurance was necessity

Distance was my struggle

I brought you down with me

I can’t believe I bared it at all

I tried to speak up

You wanted time to speed

I wanted to go slow

But you always told me no

I say okay,

My feelings for you are strong

You look in my eyes

You say the same

We build trust

A crumbling wall

Destroyed by false hope

My heart shatters

How dare you

Bestow hate in my veins

My blood is heated

But I’m breathing

My skin is cold

My feet won’t move

But LA calls

And the rocks, they move

My faith is weak

I must grow

Bloom into me

Without you forever

Always in my heart

To infinity and much more


It’s always lies

© 2020 Lydia Meserve