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Poem: I Hid From You

My name is Candice Ballinger and I am a published author and poet. I love writing poetry of all kinds.


I Hid From You

I lied to you,

I hid my scars from your gaze

afraid to be seen,

it ate holes in my soul;

they gape wide and tattered

my affection for you I will apprise,

I will not deplete my hold on you

I regret not taking your hand,

I ache to kiss your wounds

and wash your feet,

I will dry you with my soul

please forgive me for what I do;

and then again for what I don't do,

release me from my fears, oh Lord

rescue me from my filthy sin.


Fear is a funny sensation;

it can strip you of all of your confidence,

chain you up

torturing you until you break

ceasing to give up,

trapping you in your own mind

stealing your own breath;

causing you to break a sweat

but the Lord calls to you to fear not,

for He is always with you;

everywhere in between

aware of your terrors,

and the things that keep you up at night,

you need only to pray

He will comfort you

giving you his peace,

showing you the way.

© 2022 Candice Ballinger

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