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Poem: I Can Count On You

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

With Mother's Day nearing I wanted to look through a few of my older poems.

I hope you enjoy this one.

I can count on you is a poem about remembering the little things a mother does to let you know you can count on her. As an adult she is still there with advice or a shoulder to cry upon. You feel bleesed to have a caring mother who reaches out when you need a friend.

"Mom" by Garth Brooks


I Can Count On You

I remember all those little moments
when she took time to read to me,
or help me with my words,
teaching me to color inside the lines,
or tending to my owies,
showing me I could always count on her.

It refreshes my heart,
to know she is still here with me
even as I've grown into adulthood,
giving me to a shoulder to cry on,
offering me advice,
sharing in my joys,
standing beside me.

It is a blessing
to have a mother who is caring,
who teaches me to be a better person,
who reaches out when I need a friend.

A mother's arms are more comforting than anyone else's.

— Princess Diana


"My Mother, My Teacher, My Friend " by Owen Mac



BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on May 02, 2021:


Thank you.

She will be 81 in July and I swear she's more active than me.

Have a good evening.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 02, 2021:

You are so fortunate to still have your mother with you. Enjoy each precious day!

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on May 02, 2021:

Remembering a mother's love

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on March 07, 2020:


So sorry to hear of her passing, but the memories will forever linger in your heart.

Thank you for your kind words.

frogyfish from Central United States of America on March 06, 2020:

Yes, I remember some long ago little things...corrective, helps and most of all unfailing love. Gone a long time, I think of her almost daily.

And that video song was amazing by that young man. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on February 17, 2020:

Ms Dora,

Thank you so much!

I appreciate you reading.

Have a great day!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 17, 2020:

Great story of the continual, caring, practical help of a mother. A deserving tribute!

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on February 13, 2020:


Thank you.

It is hard to lose a mother, but you will carry her with you throughout each step of your days.

Thank you for reading.

Enjoy your day.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on February 13, 2020:


Thank you.

I am very lucky to have her with me.

Each day I believe she is more active than I am.

A mother's love is very unique.

Thank you for reading.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on February 13, 2020:

Oh, how I miss my Mom, but she taught me right from wrong. Beautiful message Brenda..

Lorna Lamon on February 13, 2020:

A lovely tribute to your mum Brenda and you are so lucky to still have her with you. A mother's love is so precious and treasured. Beautiful words.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on February 12, 2020:


Thank you for your vote of confidence.

I always appreciate your comments.

Have a great day.

Rosina S Khan on February 12, 2020:

Brenda, this poem is different, a dedication to your Mom. I picture her as a generous woman always ready with a helping hand in your joys and sorrows. Lovely. Keep writing different kinds of poems and you will be more of a hit.

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