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Poem: I Admit


Offer is not the same as share,

You claimed with care,

But I admit I am a selfish lover,

My eyes will not just hover.

You can be a fire starter,

That triggers my anger,

But I admit I am thunder,

That growls before lightning shudders.

You say that you only have eyes for me,

There is nowhere else you’d rather be,

But I admit my heart still itches to be desired,

Flattery hasn’t got me tired.

But somewhere in the dusty depth of my memories,

Waiting to be remembered and seen,

Is our film that I can’t leave behind,

And I play back what you said from time to time.

"Don’t go", while you clasped my hand,

My legs locked in hardened sand,

Your eyes stared into mine,

"Without you, I can't be fine".

Struggling to walk further,

I told you, "Only hold hands if we like each other",

But in the conventional relationship sense,

Or else this would be a love pretence.

You asked me with concern in your eyes,

"Is this really good bye",

"Are you not having me in your life",

So now I admit, I would have been a fool if I lost my chance to be your wife.

© 2018 Li-Jen Hew