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Poem: I Admire You as a Person

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Poem Summary

I admire you as a person is a poem that describes the qualities one admires in someone. Common sense dealing with life's struggles. Honesty amidst the chaos. Standing up for his beliefs. Keeping respect a priority. Utilizing patience. Making time for others.

"Anytime You Need a Friend - Mariah Carey"


I Admire You As A Person

I admire your wisdom,
the way you use common sense
to deal with life’s daily struggles.

I admire your honesty,
the way you are sincere
in the midst of chaos.

I admire your morals,
the way you stand up for your beliefs
no matter who is around.

I admire how you handle others,
the way you keep respect a priority
while showing patience.

I admire your friendship,
the way you make time for others,
anyone would be happy to call you their friend.

A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find but lucky to have

— Irish Proverb

"You've Got A Friend In Me" - Toy Story by Chaz Mazzotta


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