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Poem: I AM The I AM

My name is Candice Ballinger and I am a Christian woman who loves Jesus and his word.


When I struggle to see

you light the way

when I doubt who I am

you remind me that you are the I AM,

though I suffer,

you redeem me;

calling me chosen,

a child of the lamb

forever adopted,

never forgotten

loved and forgiven,

I sing my praise to the one and only king,

I am redeemed

how shall I worship thee?

His Smile

The Lord smiles down on me,

showing me mercy

and forgiving me of my sins,

I am free to be alive;

forever free,

taking in His favor

it billows around me,

His blessings ring true

encouraging me to keep going;

helping me to breathe,

when I feel like I am drowning

His saving grace

how it speaks to me,

telling me that I am loved

and always on the Father’s mind.

© 2022 Candice Ballinger

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