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Poem: Hunger Pains

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

"Homemade" by Jake Owen


Challenge by Chris Mills

After reading John Hansen ‘s poem, “When Hunger's at Steak~ or Nothing Beats Beef",
then reading the link to a challenge posted by Chris Mills.

I began to get hungry.

So I went to my kitchen to fix me a feast.

Sorry Chris, but I don't think this town has delivery service and I forgot to take a picture.



"Hunger Pains"

Hunger pains of emptiness
usually fill my days,
since restaurants have only take out,
not delightful to my taste.

Dreams of homemade noodles echo
through my thoughts,
tossing and turning
repeating a menu in my sleep.

Waking up hungry
preparing to fix a feast,
off to the tiny kitchen
to rearrange things to begin.

Patting down chicken breasts with seasoning,
the crockpot now their home,
with a little chicken broth
to make them happy.

No counter space left
with homemade noodles rolled out to dry,
making do with the dryer top
mixing up momma’s dessert.

Chocolate chip cookies from scratch
with no baking sheet to be found,
a pizza pan will have to work.

With chicken almost done,
potatoes on, noodles cooking away,
momma's eating good today,
but looking at the pile of dishes
she wishes she had a maid.

"Home Cooked Meal" by Granger Smith

Tiny Kitchen


Dirty Dishes



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