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Poem: Housewife Rant

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Suggestion by Ruby Jean Richert

This poem is written with each word beginning with the same letter. According to my research it is known as a Tautogram.

This was a suggestion from Ruby Jean Richert.

She was issued this challenge 6 months ago by Ann Carr.

Here is Ruby's poem for this challenge, "Seaside Storm".

This is a tough challenge. My hat goes off to Ruby.

"Homewrecker" by Gretchen Wilson

Poem Summary

"Housewife Rant" is a Tautogram poem about a housewife who is upset with a homewrecker.

She wants this woman to be sent to hell tormented daily.

She hopes heaven will give her marriage harmony.

That her headstrong husband will be honest with her promising to honor their wedding vows.


Housewife Rant

Hasten hooker hell
hellacious homewrecker,
haunting ho hourly,
hot, high, harmful heat
hurting her hazel head
hurling humiliation.

Hoping heaven helps housewife
have harmony
healing heartache
hearing headstrong husband handout honesty
henceforth honoring heterosexual honeymoon.

"Never Gonna Let You Go" by Sergio Mandes


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