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Poem: Hopeful Regret

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

"Hopeful Regret" is a poem about a man who uses old school charm to woo his woman.

She becomes hypnotized by love and waits on him hand and foot bit he grows weary of her loving ways and searches for another conquest quickly realizing he made a mistake

He finds out the grass is not greener and hopes she will forgive him.

He wants to be a king in her eyes again.

"Rocket Man by Elton John"

Hopeful Regret

The love in his eyes

glistens like snow sparking in the sunlight,

melting each breathe she takes

with his kind chivalrous manner,

treating her like a lady,

opening doors for her

like she is a princess.

From the moment his eyes glance her way

he puts on the old school charm,

convincing her to toss away

the key to her heart,

waiting on him hand and foot

like she is hypnotized by a magical force.

Her uncanny devotion

spreads like wildfire through his veins,

scalding the feelings

he once held deep within his heart,

making him turn the burner off

as he searches through empty conversations,

hoping to see a refreshing light

for a secret conquest.

Touching his feet on the other side

realizing the grass is not greener,

he clings to the one who loves him most

hoping she can forgive his mistake,

wanting to be a king in her eyes once more.

"Pretty Heart - by Parker McCollum"