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Poem-Hope during the Pandemic- Response to Word Prompt-Hope by Brenda Arledge

One other important lesson the pandemic has taught us is to remain humble and that every form of life has a right to exist just like us.



This poem is in response to the word prompt challenge by Brenda Arledge. This week’s word prompt being-Hope.

Brenda is a great poet and writes beautiful poems. She has started this endeavor of encouraging new writers by giving word prompts every week. Her word prompts have evoked immense interest in us to think creative. It is all so exciting and we get to see a variety of interesting work from fellow hubbers.

As soon as I saw this word prompt, the thought that came to my mind was the vaccine and I remembered how we had welcomed the news that the vaccine for covid virus was found and would be administered very soon. After a year of so much tragedy and stress caused by the pandemic, we started hoping that with the discovery of the vaccine, this year would be better.

Vaccination brought Hope during the Pandemic

The Pandemic wreaked havoc in the lives of people the world over. Everything changed overnight. Last year was a year of unprecedented upheavals in social, economic and political spheres. But on the plus side we saw a lot of creativity and innovations.

A combination of expertise, collaboration and exploration from scientists and researchers all over the world lead to a breakthrough in the discovery of the vaccination. Ordinarily it takes years to find the correct vaccine. This was achieved in months due to the combined efforts and dedicated hard work of all concerned. The adoption of digital technology in industries, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and education has happened at a pace never seen before.


One of the positive changes ushered in during this time was the opportunity for many women to restart their career due to the flexibility in workspace practices. But the greatest lesson the pandemic has taught us is to never lose hope.

The pandemic taught us to respect every form of life and that all lifeforms have a right to exist just like us. Another important lesson the pandemic taught us is to never get discouraged by failures or obstacles, but to treat it as an opportunity to learn and progress in life. It has also showed us how we can achieve success by turning adversity into opportunity.

Not long-ago we had a life of our own,

travelling, partying and meeting friends,

Movies, shopping to our hearts content,

Moaning the long commute to the office,

Was what filled our days.

But we took it for granted,

Now it seems like a myth.

Then came the pandemic

And turned everything upside down

Turned the world sick and

Made the atmosphere forlorn

So many lives were lost

And some lost their jobs

Everything was uncertain

And survival was at stake.

We had to follow the rules

No vacations, no shopping

No movies, no visiting friends

No long walks, no beach visits

No snow surfing, no eating out

Everything changed overnight

Prevention is needed

To survive we were told.

Mask when you go out,

Wash hands as often as you can.

Sanitize everything,

Keep distance from everyone.

No hugging no kissing

Not even with your dear kids

No shaking hands but a

Namaste is just fine.

We are home but we are busy

The toil never seems to end

Office work, school work,

Or chores, the list is very long.

Television is for distraction,

For Meetings we have zoom.

We cannot meet our friends now

But we can text or phone them,

And share what we can.

Pets are our comfort, our saviors,

They are our true friends

When we have none.

We are learning new hobbies,

We are playing new games,

We will do some creative,

We will sing, dance and play.

This virus cannot daunt us,

We have hope in our hearts.

It is only but natural

We feel anxious sometimes

But we have resolved never to give up,

And to be positive and strive along.

We will see our dreams through

We have hope in our hearts.

The Vaccine is here

The Vaccine is here

Like a ray of sunlight

On a dull gloomy day

Came the good news

The vaccine was on its way.

Hope filled our hearts

Of better days ahead.

We jumped with delight

And shed tears of Joy

We rejoiced we made plans

We dared to dream of outings,

Vacations and shopping sprees.

We resolved to be happy and gay,

And not let the virus spoil our day.



Together, we worked really hard

Struggled along and finally found the way.

We turned adversity into achievement

Because we had hope in our heart.

One thing we learned during all this,

Is to live with humility and gratitude.

To respect nature and live in harmony

And respect all life just as our own.

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