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Poem: Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day!

My mother’s love is honest,

She tells the truths I don’t want to hear,

For the right reasons,

Definitely not for fear.

My mother’s eyes are sharp while mine are blind,

She doesn’t need marks to give directions,

She finds things I can’t find at home,

I’ll never have to feel alone.

My mother is the best doctor and lawyer,

She gives more than I ask for,

My health is her concern,

My actions she’ll discern.

My mother’s approval,

Becomes my father’s approval,

Her role is everywhere,

Like an octopus’ hands.

There is a mother in all of us,

But only one mother can handle the above,

She says she wants me to be happy,

That’s all that matters.

poem and flowers for my mum

poem and flowers for my mum

© 2018 Li-Jen Hew

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