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Poem: Graduation

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Update Toward the End of Article

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Poem Summary

"Graduation" is a poem I wrote after watching my niece graduate from Laurel Oaks Career Campus. She has one more ceremony on Friday at Miami Trace High School.

She had to overcome many struggles to meet this accomplishment. The first one was losing her mother at a very young age.

She plans on being a Respiratory Therapist for children. Her hopes are to work at a children's hospital while attending college.

Her dreams are becoming a reality. Tonight she was awarded a scholarship towards her schooling.

I'm so proud of her.

"A Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman Cover by Alexandra Porat"


Without warning,
tears pour,
snapping pictures
of the little girl
she used to know.

Memories unfold,
as a young, grown-up lady
steps onto the stage,
grasping a new lease on life.

Diploma in one hand,
scholarship in the other,
her family standing proud,
capturing this moment in time.


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

Update: Friday Ceremony

My niece had her second ceremony at my old alma mater on Friday.

Except the building I attended is no longer standing. New technology, better facilities, time keeps moving along and things we once knew are not there.

In any case, I'm so proud of this gal.


Alexus's Big Night

She's determined to make her dreams a reality.

Despite her hardships, she always finds a way. For some time she has drove an hour each way back in forth to high school to continue her education.

Unlike other children, when she left school she reported to a job at a nursing home.

What amazes me the most is how she always keeps a smile on her face.

In tonight's Graduation she was awarded two more scholarships. She has received a total of 4 now.

I am so proud of her.

"Graduation Medley | Anthem Lights Mashup"


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