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Poem: Go Green!

Louis Fourie born again in Yehoshua, baptized with water and Fire and a true Follower. I have Pitch my tent with Elohim my Friend.


Go green - go clean

On everyone’s lips these days

Global warming, what a lie

Experiencing the cold


Carbon footprint

So they say, must be limited

Oil gushing in the gulf

Spreading death as it goes


Global warming is on their lips

The ice is melting, so they say

While tsunami’s storm inland

Destruction follows in its path


Greenpeace manned their boats

We're going to stop the killers

Whales for tomorrow

While mercury poisons’ us today


Slowly they die, hunger pains

No money to sustain

Lying in the cold rain

While we go to Mars


Water pollution is out of hand

Governments talk in vain

While we bath in sewers

E-Coli breeding everywhere.


Go green - go clean

A slogan to unite us

Fighting an invisible enemy

World terror we named it.


Go green - go clean is not the answer

Go to your knees – go up

Go cleanse yourselves

Not with clean green.

This earth is doomed


Humanity is doomed

Not all the green on this earth

Could stop the dying planet..

Come to life, come to live

Wash yourselves with the truth,


The unfailing Word

His Kingdom come,

His will be done

On the Earth as in heaven

As it is in your heart


Will this earth be yours to inherit?

The Earth cries out for salvation

From the cruelty, the abuse

At the hands of man


Will this Earth be yours?

Forever - or not!

It is in your hands.



© 2011 Louis Fourie

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