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Poem: Gates

My name is Candice Ballinger and I am a Christian woman who loves Jesus and his word.


The gates of the godly;

are open to some

patience is a crown of knowledge

rested upon the head of holy sinners,

there is a refuge from disaster

it comes from fearing the Lord,

such security can't be bought

a peaceful mind;

brings good health

now isn't that a blessing?

That assuredly comes from above

don't let lies escape from your lips,

the Lord detests a liar!

And how it grieves Him so

when you chose to disobey His words,

the pain He feels cant be counted,

nor on the market can it be sold.

The Wild

Welcome His discipline

do not bare your teeth

smile at His giving grace,

for He's made all His mercy completely free;

His gift of salvation

the Father handpicks those who will receive it,

He has chosen you;

way before you ever thought to follow Him,

He came to you;

stirring your heart

yearning for His love;

deep in His garden

swaying through nature,

God picked you out before you were born,

He called you to be His child

and He cherishes you through and through,

even if you sin and fail

He continues to love you,

He's used to the wild.

© 2022 Candice Ballinger

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