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Poem-Free as a Bird-A Dream-Response to Word Prompt Week 29

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Poem-Free as a Bird-A Dream

Poem-Free as a Bird-A Dream

Word Prompts Help Creativity-Week 29-Freedom

Brenda gave us the word prompt ‘Freedom’ this week. The word brought to my mind an article I had read where the author mentions two kinds of freedom. 'Freedom from' and 'Freedom to'. Freedom from hunger, poverty, lack of shelter constitute the basic form of 'Freedom from'. The American psychologist Abraham Maslow, who is cited as one of the prominent authority on human psychology constructed a hierarchy of needs which illustrates the evolution of ‘freedom from’ to higher and higher stages of ‘freedom to’. As society evolves and the basic physiological requirements are met, man seeks higher levels of freedom in his search for fulfillment, like comfort and financial security, emotional wellbeing, love, friendship, and family bonding, according to Maslow.

Higher in this pyramid of motivation is gaining social and professional esteem. Finally, the apex of this pyramid is what Maslow called self-actualization. That means attaining one’s full potential as a human being. In his paper titled ‘A theory of human motivation’ published in 1943, he traces the evolution of the various degrees of freedom that man seeks in his attempt to seek fulfillment and reach his full potential.

True Meaning of Freedom

Most of the time, we live a life trying to please others and seek approval for our actions from people around us or try to conform to the norms and rules set by society. We constantly live worrying what others think of us or what the future has in store for us. So instead of enjoying the present by living in the moment, we live in continuous dread of the future and keep brooding on past difficulties and troubles that we had faced and suffered. So we cannot be said to be living in freedom in the true sense. Many times, we are forced to give up our passions for the sake of practicality. Our freedom is constricted by societal norms and familial bonds.

A passionate singer or actor gives up his ambitions to pursue his or her dreams as it does not ensure a stable and secure future and opts for a profession not dear to his or her heart. As a result, they are not truly happy or satisfied. We rarely find a person who is not restrained by any rules but lives life on his or her own terms. One can achieve true happiness by striving to live one’s dreams and passions and charting out one's own path. Such persons do not fear discrimination and being judged but live with courage, self-confidence, and belief in their abilities. They are the ones who have attained true freedom. Freedom of mind body and soul.

Freedom-An Acrostic Poem

Freedom in the true sense means

Right to do as one wishes

Equal opportunity, pursuit of happiness

Express one’s ideas and opinions freely

Demand justice when denied and also

Of not causing harm to others

Mostly it is a state of Mind

Free as a Bird

Free as a Bird

Poem-Free as a Bird-A Dream-Response to Word Prompt Week 29

I dreamt I was a bird

Into the horizon I merged

Flying high in the sky

To the cage I said goodbye.

Enjoying the new found freedom

What a feeling it was to have some

Freedom from the restraints and

To go anywhere that I pleased.

To find freedom from being judged

From limitations that tie me down

From fear of failing or falling.



Freedom to soar higher and higher

The glorious sky getting brighter

beckoning me on, never to retire.

What a great view it was

Like a canvas painted by the Gods

Of mountains and forests and seas

The flight finding true direction

In the breeze of transformation.

Zen Quote

Zen Quote

Freedom from pain and anguishes

No desires and no disappointments

Freedom from unfulfilled promises

From familial bonds and restrictions.

Being true to my own self and content

With a heart full of love and peace

Like a voyager seeking passage

Into an expansive realm of freedom.

To realize my full potential and wisdom

Progressing to a path of self-discovery

Being free from all earthly constraints

And reach the ultimate goal of spiritual Freedom.


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