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Poem: Foud

My name is Candice Ballinger and I am a Christian woman who loves Jesus and his word.

Never praise yourself,

let a stranger shower you through his

lips, a selfish act is heavier than an

empty promise,

and fear creates chaos in the world

you judge those you love,

not knowing what they are suffering

from, bending the rules may seem okay

but life isn’t a video game that you can

redo, if you lie to your brother

and deprive your mother;

how will you ever be right within you

let your honesty speak for itself,

your honor brings life into your works

trust in the savior the one and only king

bring Him your best questions,

and listen when He speaks

He will guide you farther than any man

could dare to travel,

lifting you up as a child of holiness

waiting to be forever changed,

no, I mean finally found

and joyously rearranged.

Hidden Secrets

Do not hide your sins of many

tucking them in between the folds of your soul,

hoping to be rid of them;

just ignore their existence

and pray that they disappear,

this will cause you to stumble

yes greatly you may begin to fall

do not conceal your evil ways, my friend,

shine a light on all of your wickedness

shouting from the rooftops

cry out to Jesus,

repenting of your sins

it's the only way,

if you want mercy

you will give up your hidden secrets;

for the Lord to cleanse them away

fear, not the darkness you have arrived in,

for it cannot touch your soul

for the king says it's so.

© 2022 Candice Ballinger

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