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Forgiveness: A Debt Paid for All (A Response to Word Prompt Creativity 46 "Forgiveness")

Ruby writes from the Philippines. Aside from writing, she enjoys studying nature and doing organic gardening as her other pastimes.


Jesus Paid It All


F-Forget the unpleasant things and memories that others have done to you in the past. Forget the pains, the heartaches and hurt they have caused. Start life anew, and continue to move on with your life.

O-Offer to help others. Help even those who have caused you hurt and pain. When you are able, despite the pain you have experienced with them, help them. This gives you room to grow as an individual, a more humane act you can choose to experience doing something for others.

R-Restore friendship, peace, and goodwill to all people. Make this as a way of life. Jesus did this for all of us. He came to restore our broken relationship with Him after our first parents Adam and Eve sinned.

G-Give of yourself. Your time, your service, your listening ears, your prayers, your comforting words, etc. Regardless of the unkind things someone may have done to you, it's always rewarding to give. Remember, Jesus has given all for you and me.

I-Invite Christ in your heart. This brings healing to your soul, body and mind. Reflect and look back on what God has done in your life. He gives you life, good health, food,etc. Invite Jesus to help you break that barrier between you and that someone you need to forgive.

V-Value relationship over material things. Relationships are priceless. They are one of the things you can't buy. Whenever possible we must save every good and wholesome relationship we have.

E-Expect nothing in return when you do good to others even to your enemies. I know this isn't easy. However, I believe you can do it by God's grace.

N-Now is the time to forget, forgo, and forgive those things that caused you pain. Tomorrow maybe too late or it may never even come. So Forgive Now. Don't delay it. Now may be your only time.

E-Enjoy life. Find joy wherever you are right now. Look at your surroundings. Notice the little things around you that you may have taken for granted in the past--the verdant leaves, the tiny little flowers along your path, the blue sky up on your head, etc. They all have a message to tell you saying "Rejoice".

S-Suffering--By Christ's suffering we are all healed. He suffered for us that we may live to eternal life if we believe and obey Him. Jesus suffered so much pain, shame, and stress for you and me that we may have the chance to live eternally with Him when He comes to take us with Him.

S-Sin--That's mine and your sins, have been pardoned and cancelled by God at Jesus' blood and death at the cross of Calvary. That is why, there is no reason for us not to forgive someone. It is our opportunity to return the favor to anyone who has wronged us. Because, Jesus paid it all by His precious blood and agonizing death at the cross of Calvary.

© 2022 Ruby Campos

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