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Poem: Forces Working Against Her

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

"Forces Working Against Her" is about the old saying anything that can go wrong probably will.

She tries to prepare Easter dinner but has no cooking oil.

She improvises causing an explosion in microwave.

The can opener opens can halfway so she must pry it open.

There's no brown sugar to cook ham.

It's a disaster.

"(1993) Mrs. Doubtfire Cooks Dinner but It Goes Wrong " by Mrs. Doubtfire - Movie Fox Entertainment


"Forces Working Against Her"

That ole saying,
anything that can go wrong
probably will,
bites her today
as she tries to get a head start
on Easter dinner.

She starts to bake a cake,
finding no cooking oil
in her cupboards,
so she improvises.

Melting butter in the microwave
she hears a popping sound
as the oleo explodes.

She moves on
to the green bean casserole,
but has only one can
and the stores closed a half hour ago.

She puts the can
up to the electric can opener
but it won’t fit,
forcing her to use a manual, crank one
which only opens one side,
causing her to use a knife
to pry it open.

Luckily there is a pull top lid
on the mushroom soup,
so she manages to complete
one mission.

Then she digs out the crockpot
to cook the ham
so it will stay nice and juicy,
but as she gathers the ingredients
there's no brown sugar.

She finally tosses in the towel,
puts the ham
back in the refrigerator,
turns everything off
and goes to bed,
hoping for a better day tomorrow.


There's no harm in hoping for the best

as long as you're prepared for the worst.

— Stephen King

"Friends Pretend To Like Rachel's English Trifle - TBS"