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Poem For My Three Sons


Oh how I miss those days so much

Getting a smile from a gentle touch

Watching you sleep was such a joy

I was blessed with 3 baby boys


Missing the giggling and fun we had

Watching you grow into 3 fine lads

Missing the road trips we would take

To Ottawa, Brockville and Elliot Lake

Always stopping along the way

Just to enjoy the beauty of that day

All the word games that we played

Oh I how I miss…. how I miss those days


Baseball games down at the park

Cheering you on till after dark

Yelling whenever you’d get a home run

Proudly I’d say, “That’s My Son”


Riding our bikes down to the lake

On the way back stopping for a shake

You'd always have to stop and wait

As you all three peddled faster than me


So thankful I am for the memories

I keep in my heart

For the times we are now apart

When you’re not here I miss you so

And I want all three of you to know

That your mother loves you so

You are still my three baby boys

Now grown up

With lives of your own

© 2011 Susan Zutautas