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Poem: For Better or Worse

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

"For Better Or Worse" is a poem I tossed together while having a bit of fun.

I honestly fear catching a cold. I'm great at being there for others, getting them necessary supplies, but I try my best to keep my distance.

Nowadays we have coronavirus, which means isolating one to a separate room.

I remember from childhood, hot toddies seemed to be the family cure for colds.

Nearby states have closed their liquor supply down during Covid-19, forcing many to travel to Ohio to pick up those supplies.

I really don't recommend leaving a loved one alone while he's sick, but hopefully you'll enjoy my little poem.

"Covid-19 (coronavirus) Country Style Song 2020 ~ by Shulton513TV"


For Better or Worse

For better or worse is what they say,

but that was before Covid

came this way.

Now it’s stay alone

locked in your room,

I’ll slide you a piece of toast real soon.

Don’t worry babe

I’ll take care of you,

just give me a day or two.

I’ve got to grab a mask and gown,

there’s no sense in us both being down,

we need supplies for hot toddies

so, I’m on my way to town.

I left a box of goodies

outside your bedroom door,

so don’t worry if I’m late,

cause the bottle of whiskey

is in the next state.


"Is Whiskey Good For A Cold? Try Hot Toddy for Colds! ~ by Turn Healthy"


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