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Poem - For A Sick Friend

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Poem : For A Sick Friend

Poem : For A Sick Friend

Poem : For A Sick Friend

Poem – For a Sick Friend

Poem – For a Sick Friend

I heard that you

are so very sick

and that just

made me sick too.

Sick with worry

about you.

But God says

do not worry.

I just pray

that you

get well soon,

in a hurry.

When I heard

that you were

critically sick,

I was developing

so many

feelings inside.

Worrying about

you was making

my heart jump!

Oh God,

I prayed

please heal her quick.

Let her overcome

this crisis.

Let her continue to thrive.

She is so young.

She deserves to be alive.

As I wrote the poem about my very sick friend,

I started to consider

my healthy friends

and wanted to remind them

and also remind myself

of the following:

Muster up the energy.

Embrace your life

with vigor.

You still have

your own life

to consider.

No one has

pulled a trigger

on you.

People are losing

their lives everyday

to illness, violence,

or natural disaster.

It almost all makes

you feel like you

have to move

even faster

to get things

done in life.

Tomorrow is

not promised.

You just don’t


Fires, floods, gun violence,

accidents, illnesses,

all of these and more

can end lives.

For every day

that we live

to see,

let us have gratitude

that we survived.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH