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Poem: Flood With No Rain

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

"Flood With No Rain" is a poem and article describing a moment in time when a watermain breaks.

It teaches us a valuable lesson. There are storm clouds lingering in life, but if you pay attention, you can find your way to safety.

Remember...things could be worse. Learn and move forward.

"Water Main Breaks Floods around UCLA by CNN" streets


Flood With No Rain

Sky turns dark
as thunderstorms approach,
no downpour heard
but muddy water flows down the street,
leaving the sidewalk dry.

The darkness of the water
should’ve been the first clue,
but her mind couldn’t fathom
how the rain stopped,
before reaching her house.

Until she puts on a pair of shoes
and rushes outside,
startled to see the road
protruding from the ground.

Fearing the worse
she grabs her keys,
to move her truck
from harms way,
then calls the authorities
who are already on their way.

There was no rain at all
but a feud beneath the ground,
bursting buried water pipes
causing the pavement to crack,
releasing a mad gush of dirty water.

Thankfully it happened
during the daylight hours,
stopping a sinkhole from completely forming
that might have devoured our vehicles.

It seems life has a way
of sending us warnings
in little storm clouds,
to help us prevent
life’s worst case scenarios.

Bubba Knew

My kitty cat, Bubba, jumps up to alert me by looking out the window.

Silly me, I figure he just sees a bird. I continue talking with my company ~ my Dad & his wife, and my Mother.

Little do I know there is a flood beginning until I glance out the window.

I tell my Dad it must have poured down rain but for some reason it didn't get the sidewalk wet that leads to my house.

It seems strange, so Mother walks outside to look.

The road is buckling. It's coming up in pieces and water is gushing everywhere.

My first thought is a sinkhole, so we all hurry to move our vehicles.

Mom moves her car 2 houses up into the next block.

Dad & his wife (my stepmother) decide to go home and drive away.

I pull my truck around back and park it in front of the garage.

Help On The Way

Then I dial the city street department on my mobile phone, but they are already on the way.

It seems the neighbors also called.

The workers continuously work for about six hours. They battled the occasional raindrop and lightning but keep moving.

It turns out to be a water main break. The pressure from the water causes the road to crack, but their quick actions stop it from getting worse.

I'm thankful this happened during the daylight hours.

If it had happened while we were asleep, who knows how bad it might have been.

Such is life, there are warnings if we pay attention and work together.


"Boil order issued for city of Athens after a watermain break; Ohio U Campus closed ~ NBC 4 Columbus "


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