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Poem: Fear of the Unknown - Moderna

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

Fear of the unknown - Moderna started out as a poem but I decided to list the process and symptoms in an article to accompany it. She's a bit worried when she must sign away any responsibility before she receives the vaccine, but she is happy she took this first step.

"Vaccine Side Effects Are Actually A Good Thing" by VOX


Fearing the Unknown - Moderna

When the moment finally approaches

she’s a wee bit worried

fearing the unknown

as she signs her “John Hancock” on the dotted line

releasing anyone’s responsibility.

She sits at a lone table

anxiously awaiting her turn

to feel the tiny prick of the syringe

dispersing the flow of the Moderna vaccine

Into her body.

Quick as a camera’s flash

she feels a gentle poke in her upper left arm

sighing in relief

as she watches the hands on the clock for the next fifteen minutes

while being observed for any immediate reactions.

Finally, she’s free to walk out the door

greeting the world happily with a new sense of energy

grateful she took the first step

to battle this dreaded coronavirus.


Process to Take Vaccine

I took the vaccine at a medical building operated by Fayette County Memorial Hospital in my little town.

The complete process was very organized. I was quite impressed with their efficiency. The staff was organized and the room was equipped with several different tables awaiting people's arrival.

I had to complete a few pages of paperwork and answer a few questions. The whole process took less than a half an hour.

Once the vaccine was given in my upper left arm, I had to remain seated at my table for fifteen minutes.

This is part of the routine to make sure you do not have any immediate reactions.


Symptoms After Vaccination

I had thought I would feel a cold sensation as the shot was administered in my arm, but I felt absolutely nothing.

The initial shot was virtually painless. I didn't even feel it.

Later that evening, I noticed an enormous pain in my arm. I suddenly felt like someone had beat me in the arm with a ball bat. This pain is excruciating.

The good news is that after 36 hours it has dissipated to almost no pain. It is still a little painful if I touch my arm, but it is nothing like it was that first evening.

I did experience a few times when my body felt hot all over, like a hot flash, but I did not have any fever.

The first morning afterwards I woke up with a light tingly sensation in my left hand. My fingers looked a wee bit swollen.

But as I went on with my day, the swelling in my fingers dissapeared and the tingliness vanished.


Happy I Took Vaccine

I am very happy I decided to take this first step. It gives me a sense of relief.

Finally, I feel like there is something I can actually do to fight this battle against this invisible force.

Coronavirus has taken up way to much of our lives. It is time we fight back.

I am looking forward to my 2nd dose on March 24, 2021. They say the reactions are a bit worse, but I am hopeful everything will be fine.

" How Are The Pfizer & Moderna Covid-19 Vaccines Different " by WFAA


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