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Poem: Fantasy Becomes Reality

Poem Summary

"Fantasy Becomes Reality" is a poem about how when one gets older, he no longer believes in fairy tales.

He doesn't have time for fantasy in his life, until the moment he meets her.

He sees the magic glowing in her eyes and begins tasting life in a new way.

He finds the missing sparkle in his eyes and feels like a child once more.

"Jady - Feel Your Love ( lyrics)

Photo by danmo Pixabay


Fantasy Becomes Reality

The simple childhood joy

of believing all things are possible

vanishes into thin air as quick as a magic trick,

as the days rapidly pass

adding years to his life.

Not a moment left to spare for fairy tales

in his hectic detailed schedule,

focusing only on accomplishing the day’s demand.

All the dreams he fantasizes about are trapped

like a forgotten message in a bottle,

drifting away in the tide.

Until his eyes meet hers,

chuckling, with a little smile

at her childlike ways,

seeing the magic glow from her eyes

taunting him with temptation.

He taste life in a new way,

touching upon his lost dreams,

finding the missing sparkle in his eyes,

feeling like a child once more.

"Make You Feel My Love" by Adele


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