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Poem: Dreaming?

So sick & tired of being pulled every which way but right

my chest continues to hurt, my breathing breaks and cracks, this pain ain't light.

Stuck between what could maybe be,

and what was once just recently.

Not knowing, where to turn or even who to trust this is all so overwhelming- I may just bust!

It's all headache inducing

The only positive side, is all the rhymes I been producing.

It's confusing. It's annoying. It all freaking hurts. And really. I just want, my kids, they come first. How can I move forward- if I'm literally stuck, still, and stagnant.

How can I go day after day

and not fall aback, towards that way?

How can I 'get out of my own way'

when the path, the way to lean

is all but that clear and could maybe be-

not as it may seem?

Is this for real?

Or all just a sad, nightmarish freaking dream.

© 2022 Britt Smith AKA Bobbi Stryde

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