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Poem: Diamond Reins

Nkundimana Dieudonne, is a bachelor of Social Sciences, Business Studies with Education at UR (University of Rwanda), college of education.

Diamond Reins

Forever I will be grateful,

For the greatness of harshness,

The harshness full of great love,

The love that pulled me back,

Back from my up scaled spirits,

Bringing me down to mother earth,

And pushing me forward,

Pushing me to spring back to life,

Pushing me to race fully forward,

With all my force to win the race,

To reach the finishing line gloriously,

As an adorned horse that I am.


I will forever be grateful for the reins,

I mean the diamond reins,

That reigned on my neck day and night,

Pulling me, choking me to death,

Leaving me breathless each time,

They felt so controlling each day,

That I could not wait to be free,

Free from the diamond reins,

That robbed me the power and freedom,

To reign as a master in my kingdom,

I mean the kingdom of my life.

I felt violated by them day by day,

They felt too controlling,

Always on my neck pulling me,

Stranding me more than I wanted,

But nevertheless pushing me forward,

Once upon a time I was totally blind,

Blind not to see what I was wearing,

To see I was adorned in a diamond,

That the reins that laid on me,

Only pushed me to being a winner,

To becoming the best version,

The best version of myself,

Now I can see that I was blind,

Not to see I was a prince of horses,

But I became a king through pushing,

The reason of my success as a king,

Is the diamond encrusted reins.

By Dieudonne Nkundimana.

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