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Poem: Lord Give Us Your Smile

MsDora, a former teacher and Christian counselor, presents practical Scriptural principles for joyful everyday living.

Sunrise over Perth, Western Australia

Sunrise over Perth, Western Australia

Have you ever thought of God as smiling? Many people have been presented with an image of God as a serious judge waiting to condemn and punish us for our sins. Some children have been taught to think of Him as an angry parent who gets upset when they do wrong. However, although God hates our sinful acts (Psalm 5:4), His attitude toward us is love (1John 4:8), and smiling is appropriate for a loving God.

The concept of a smiling God is not new, and the language in the newer Bible versions proves it. In the old King James Version of the Bible, the priestly blessing in Numbers 6:25 petitions "the light of God’s countenance," while the New Living Translation states, "May the Lord smile." Again in Psalm 4:6, David prays in the older version, "Lord, lift up the light of Your countenance upon us" while the newer version states, "Let your face smile on us, Lord."

The images of God's smiles (symbolized by His lighted countenance) in the older version refer to His grace, His favor or approval. The following poem is born out of human desire to replace the image of a straight-faced, angry-looking God with that of a concerned, caring, loving God who encourages us with His smiles throughout the day.

Poem: Lord, Give Us Your Smile

At Sunrise

We begin a new journey when the new day starts;
Yesterday’s steps recede as night departs;
We face today with the understanding
That brand new challenges may be pending.
We engage in devotion and meditation;
We give You the control of our situation;
And it boosts our faith if just for a while,
We envision Your fatherly face with a smile.

Your smile gives direction; Your smile bestows joy;
Your smile provides courage over fears that annoy;
Your smile imparts strength for the daily mile;
With the gift of a new day, Lord, give us Your smile.

Downtown from Roundhouse Park by Peter.  Text added.

Downtown from Roundhouse Park by Peter. Text added.

At Midday

As the day progresses and our work takes it toll,
We input our influence on history’s scroll.
We try to lift the burdens of others,
Regardless whether they’re foes or brothers.
We do what we can and we hope that we’re right;
But we make errors, some are plain oversight.
It helps to prevent us from feeling vile
If we know You watch over us with a smile.

Your smile says You’ll complete what You started in us;
Your smile makes us lessen our worries and fuss;
Your smile proves our efforts are not futile;
In the heat of the workday, Lord, give us Your smile.

Sunset in Jakarta by Daniel Berthold.  Text added.

Sunset in Jakarta by Daniel Berthold. Text added.

At Sunset

And when the day ends and the time comes to retire
From the hustle and bustle of labor for hire;
We may rest and reflect on the impact we made,
And wonder if we caused Your smile to fade.
The words that we’ve spoken, and the deeds we’ve done;
Have been assessed and to eternity gone.
We trust in Your grace, and pray all the while,
That we gain Your blessing and Your smile.

Your smile reminds us of Your love and Your grace;
Your smile urges our hearts to put You in first place;
Your smile is enduring; our lives are fragile
At the end of life’s day, Lord give us Your smile.

Author's Reflection

God's Smile Pervades All My Senses

Based on God’s declaration of Himself that “my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts” (Isaiah 58:9), my mind conjures up a vision of His smile being more enthusing and more encompassing than mine.

So, from the first scent of morning air still moist with last night’s dew,
I inhale the freshness of God’s smile;
On the face of a baby smiling at me, it is His smile that I see;
In the tweet of the blackbird outside my window,
His smile takes on sound;
It touches me in the whiff of a cooling breeze across my neck;
And how pleasant, the sweet taste of His smile in the bite of a juicy fruit!
God’s smile pervades my senses.

© 2012 Dora Weithers