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Poem: Death Touches Love

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Death touches love is a poem about the angel of death overhearing a prayer asking for a bouquet of roses. She does not understand why anyone would desire a flower we leave on graves. She asks God to help her to understand. Holding a rose in her hand, God lets her feel love for the first time.

"Angels" by Robbie Williams

This poem was inspired by a photo challenge.

However, it appears the photo is copyrighted so I cannot display it for you to see.

It is known as the "Life Blood Card" by Ann Stokes if anyone wants to view it. It is visible online.


Death Touches Love

The angel of death is bewildered

overhearing a prayer,

desiring a bouquet of roses

from a romantic partner.

She asks God to explain

why a symbol of grief

with thorns that cut,

that make one's heart bleed,

left behind on a loved one's grave

could be someone's desire.

She gazes into the petals of a red rose

the angels placed within her hands

beholding its’ delicate beauty,

sensing a warm, emotional, feeling of pleasure,

embracing her heart with joyful tears falling from her eyes,

feeling passionate love for the first time.

Sarah Mclachlan "In The Arms Of An Angel" "City of Angels Movie"


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